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April 2021

posted 2 May 2021, 02:10 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 2 May 2021, 02:13 ]

It is always exciting to find something new on the Green, and this happened to me a few days ago, when I came across this rather small plant with its delicate greenish flowers. It is known as Moschatel or Townhall Clock and whilst I had read about it, I had never seen any. It is called Townhall Clock as the flower head has a cluster of five flowers: four of which face outwards at 90 degrees to each other (like the clock faces of a town hall clock) and then there is another flower which faces upwards! How weird is that?! It likes to grow in shady conditions, so can be found on the damper edges of the Green.


The adder tongue fern is also starting to appear, which is great news! This small green fern is very difficult to see amongst the grass, but it is a very important plant for the Green as it is quite rare and is indicative of ancient meadowland. It is called an adder tongue fern as the spike (which contains the spores) is supposed to look like a snake’s tongue - you might need a bit of imagination on that one!


On some of the sunny days that we have been having, some butterflies can be seen flitting about. So far I have seen peacock, small tortoiseshell, brimstone and the lovely orange tip. The orange tip feeds and lays its eggs on the lady’s smock, that grows on the wet side of the Green and which is now starting to flower. So there should be a lot more orange tips flying about in May and so do keep an eye out for them.