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April 2018

posted 6 May 2018, 07:51 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 6 May 2018, 07:52 ]
orange tip

After a very cold and for the most part, a rather dreary April, it is a great relief to know that Spring has finally arrived. However, even with the cold weather, the birds have been busy nesting and the spring flowers, emerging, including celandine and wood anemone. The lady's smock (or cuckoo flower) has also started flowering and I was lucky to find an orange-tip butterfly (which obligingly stayed still, whilst I photographed it!) feeding on one of the flowers.

We were very fortunate, in April, to have Staffordshire Mammal Group visit and undertake a small mammal survey (ie survey for small mammals like mice, voles, shrews etc and not a small survey for mammals....!). Staffordshire Mammal Group are very experienced in conducting such surveys, so it was a great opportunity for us to find out if the Green is providing a suitable habitat for these animals. From the survey, a total of 9 individuals were recorded, including, 6 field mice, 2 common shrew and a field vole. This is great news as these numbers are 50% higher, compared to what would normally be expected from a survey on typical farmland. This means that the Green is providing a suitable habitat for these small, but very important mammals. A huge thank you to Staffordshire Mammal Group for doing the survey and for sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm. Their Facebook page can be found here. Some of the mammals recorded are shown below. From top left in a clockwise order - field mouse, common shrew, field mouse, field vole.

Image below courtesy of Staffordshire Mammal Group,

small mammals