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April 2016

posted 2 May 2016, 02:12 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 2 May 2016, 02:22 ]
water shrew

One of the joys about having a local patch, is that you never know what you are going to find. This was most certainly the case the other day, when I spotted a dark object lying amongst the grass. Initially I thought it was a dead juvenile mole, but closer inspection (and confirmation by both Wildlife Kate and Georgia Locock) confirmed that it is a water shrew (unfortunately deceased). I have never seen one of these before so was really thrilled to get to see one so close - they really are beautiful creatures. Water shrews are semi aquatic and are found near to streams, fens and seemingly are quite common in water cress beds. Well, we certainly have all of these on the Green, so hopefully there will be others around. Will have to have a close look along the stream!


Despite the cool April, spring is certainly with us. The hedges are all starting to leaf, the grass is growing and the birds are very busy! Slightly further afield the bluebells in Leomansley woods are starting to look glorious. If the weather gets warmer this week (which it is supposed to), then I reckon they will be almost perfect by next weekend. 

Again, slightly off our patch, but still brilliant news, is the story of peregrine falcons on the Cathedral. They are very active at the moment and last Saturday, Georgia Locock organised a very successful peregrine watch in the Cathedral Close - so keep your eyes and ears open, if you are walking near the Cathedral. 

On a historical note, there is a walk organised by Lichfield Discovered on May 9th at 19.00 on The lost estate of Beacon Place. This should be a fascinating walk as the history of Beacon Street and its environs is closely linked with the history of the Pipe Green Trust. 

And finally to finish and warn everybody, the cattle should be turned out onto the Green in late May!