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April 2014

posted 6 May 2014, 05:12 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 6 May 2014, 05:24 ]

I do love this time of year! This spring seems to have been an excellent one for bluebells and there is a wonderful display of these flowers in Leomansley woods at the moment. It is well worth a visit and you will be rewarded with a lovely carpet of blue and as well as an amazing smell. However, they will soon finish flowering, so if you have not already seen them, then I would suggest you do so before the end of the week.


A flower that we all take for granted is that of the buttercup. This common plant grows well on the Green and enjoys some of the damper conditions that the Green has to offer. Each flower has five petals and they always have a shiny appearance. What is interesting is that some buttercups have an extra petal and the number of these 6-petaled plants can be used to roughly calculate the age of a meadow. According to studies one 6-petaled buttercup (out of a sample of 100) equates to the meadow being 7 years old. So, if you take a 100 random buttercups and 24 of them have 6-petals, then the meadow would be 200 years old! I can feel some buttercup petal counting coming on!

long tailed tit

One of the most endearing birds found on the Green is the long tailed tit. They are very gregarious little birds and fly around in small flocks and constantly twitter to each other. They build a very elastic nest, which contains spider webs, which they weave into the nesting material. This allows the nest to expand as the chicks start to grow. The ultimate in home expansion!

Image to the right courtesy of Bob Russon, Lichfield & District Local RSPB Group