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April 2013

posted 20 May 2013, 01:37 by Jane Arnold
Flower of wood anemone
Hooray - Spring has finally arrived and the Green is looking beautiful! One of my favourite flowers of all time has to be the wood anenome (or wind flower) and we are lucky to have a small patch flowering at the moment. I know I talked about this flower last year (see the April 2012 entry) and I am trying not to repeat material - but I just could not resist putting up another photo of this beautiful flower.
Tree creeper
Another stunning photo from Bob Russon, this time of a very endearing bird, known as a treecreeper. Whilst this is not a regular visitor to the Green (due to a lack of trees!), it can frequently be seen on the trees beside the track near Leomansley House as well as in Leomansley woods. These little birds are typically seen hopping up tree trunks looking for insects under the tree bark. Interestingly they can not climb down a tree, only up. So when they reach the top of one tree, they then have to fly to the base of the next tree to start another ascent!

Image to the right courtesy of Bob Russon, Lichfield & District Local RSPB Group
Ash tree female flower
Another sign that spring is here, is the ash trees starting to flower. This photo is of a female flower on the ash tree near the top of the stream. Sometimes you can find male flowers on the same tree, although generally on a different branch. We have a number of ash trees in and around the Green and have been asked by Natural England to regularly check the trees for any sign of ash dieback. So far so good, but if anyone does see something then please let me know.

Finally, for anyone interested in local wildlife, another excellent site worth visiting is run by Georgia Locock who regularly reports on all wildlife happenings in the Lichfield area. Well worth supporting.