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Waxcaps (Hygrocybe) - H in CHEG

posted 19 Dec 2015, 02:51 by Jane Arnold   [ updated 5 Jan 2016, 09:19 ]

These colourful fungi can be found on the Green where the grass is short and there is a well-developed moss layer. They are called waxcaps, because, as the name suggests, they have a waxy appearance! They are quite small (2 -7 cm) and the species on the Green range in colour from white through to yellow, orange, red and green. Some have a classic "pixie hat" shape, whilst others are much flatter and confusingly, quite a few of the species change shape and colour as they get older! A number of useful keys are available that can help identify the different waxcap species, but you do need to look at them very carefully and I am certainly no expert!

Below are some of the waxcaps that we have on the Green. I am sure you will agree, that these fungi are enchanting and well worth seeking out in the Autumn.

waxcap fungi