Over the last 14 years, Bob Russon (Lichfield & District RSPB Group) has kept detailed records of the bird life on Pipe Green. He has recorded a 101 different species of birds. species on the Green and in the surrounding area (including Leomansley (Sloppy) Woods). Typically 70 of these will be seen in any year. The reason for this high number of bird species is due to a combination of factors:

a) A variety of ecological habitats exist on the Green. These range from dry areas, containing specific plant/insect species, to wet and boggy areas where rushes dominate.
b) Mature hedgerows and trees form the boundary of Pipe Green and importantly contain a number of dead and rotting trees.
c) Pipe Green is surrounded by a range of different habitats. These include farmland, both conifer and deciduous woodland, parkland and ponds.

All of these provide nesting sites and food for a wide variety of birds.