Leomansley Brook


Pipe Green supports a rich assemblage of botanical and faunal species, some of which are listed on the United Kingdom Biodiversity Action Plan (UKBAP). Approximately two-thirds of Pipe Green is well drained meadowland that supports a rich range of grasses and broadleaved herbs. These include plant species such as adder tongue fern, bee orchid and common spotted orchid.

Leomansley Brook, (which feeds into Beacon Park, Minster Pool and finally Stowe Pool), crosses the Green (see image on right) and gives rise to a much wetter central area, which supports important wetland communities in and around the Brook. Here a wide range of damp-loving and wetland plants can be found including marsh pennywort and marsh arrow-grass. In addition freshwater white-clawed crayfish and water vole have been recorded to be present in the Brook, as well as snipe over-wintering in the rush cover.

The information on the birds, plants, invertebrates and fungi of Pipe Green has come from local experts, as well as from a number of ecological surveys that have been undertaken on the Green.