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Pipe Green in autumn

Pipe Green is an area of meadowland that is today enjoyed by many Lichfield residents. Since medieval times, it has been used for animal grazing and as a result, is one on the few remaining examples of unimproved meadowland within Staffordshire. Today it is managed under a Higher Level Stewardship scheme to maintain this rare habitat.

Many of the visitors to Pipe Green enjoy the tranquility of the Green and the unspoilt views to the cathedral; a perspective that must have hardly changed since medieval times. What maybe less obvious to visitors, is the variety of ecological habitats that exist on the Green, which support a wealth of plants, birds as well as invertebrates and fungi. This has led to Pipe Green being registered as a Site of Biological Importance (SBI).

Pipe Green also has a fascinating history. We are lucky that detailed records concerning the Green have been kept since 1793 (when the Pipe Green Trust was established). Through these we are able to gain an insight into some of Lichfield’s social and economic history.

Pipe Green is located off the Western by-pass and is easily accessible by foot or by car. Enjoy your visit to Pipe Green and we hope you recognise the value of this under appreciated gem of Lichfield.